Ghoodlife Crew Disband | Myundo & Superbee create new

“Ghoodlife crew we know how to do it” !! This verse is a history now because Myundo & Superbee decide to start their own company and leave Ghoodlife crew behind.

Ghoodlife Crew

Ghoodlife Crew disband. The crew that were a join project between Dok2 & Tiger JK is a house for talented rapper that created on 2016. Superbee, Myundo, Los, Blacknine & Choi Seohyun are the members. We honestly surprised by the news considering Blacknine just moved from Feelghood Music last year & They all really active as a musician recently.

YNG & RIch

Superbee decide to create Yng & RIch records. Signing Uneducated Kid in the process. The first project of this newly found company is releasing Superbee ‘Heu’ on 23rd of january 2019.



Ballin All Day (BAD)

Myundo in the other hand, decide to create new Agency Ballin All Day (BAD). Black nine & Choi Seohyun gonna join Myundo in this company. T Hey already made a new profile picture with photographer Snapdog recently. I wonder if it for their new project ??

Myundo & Superbee is best friend since the days where they were join together as a contestant on SMTM. Even though they part ways, they still gonna be a friend & have mutual respect to each other. We really hope both of you become successful on your new venture !!


For future activities of both of their new company, you can follow Yng & Rich Records on Instagram : @yngandrichrecords & Ballin All Day (BAD) on instagram : @Bad-Ballinallday.

Ghoodlife Crew only last for 2 years. There’s a lots of good memories of them. Let’s keep supporting their activities in the future!!

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