Kim Seungmin Giriboy OLNL ‘Stone’ | Pre release KGVOVC EP

WYBH !! 2018 have been great year for WYBH, Now on 2019, They decide to start the year by releasing new track ‘Stone’ which actually a pre-release track for their upcoming WYBH EP

kim Seungmin Giriboy

Kim Seungmin Giriboy OLNL . The 3 member of WYBH Collaborate for the track ‘Stone’ . This track is actually just a pre-release track of ‘KGVOVC from wybh vol.1′ EP. What is KGVOVC actually ??? Kgvovc is a unit from WYBH who rumored include WYBH Rapper (not include the DJ/Producer). There still lack information about this so let’s wait until the EP is release on 24th of January 2019 ~

Kgvovc member : 

  • Kim Seungmin
  • Kid Milli
  • OLNL
  • Giriboy
  • ChoiLB

‘Stone’ is just a pre release track from the EP which have Kim Seungmin, GIriboy & OLNL. The track is produced by Giriboy while mix & mastered by sAewoo. The beat is catchy  and let the rapper shine, which is Giriboy recipe of Success when he’s making beat for collaboration track like in ‘Flex’ & ‘Dding’

‘Stone’ by Kim Seungmin Giriboy & OLNL

Kim Seungmin (0:16 – 1:30 + the hook) : Kim Seungmin do the hardest job in this track !! Even though there’s Giriboy & OLNL (which experience in singing for the hook). They decide to let Kim Seungmin do the hook and start the track. We hope 2019 gonna be THE year for Kim Seungmin, considering he barely got any airtime on SMTM 777.

Giriboy  (1:31- 2:18)  : G R BOY ! Not only produce the track, GIriboy also feature in it. This is something that Giriboy loves to do and honestly it something that i loves to hear. He really on his comfort zone with his own beat.

OLNL (2:32 – 3:19) : But I’m R&B,,,,,,,,,” . It didn’t make OLNL lose any of his Swag for this track. OLNL also start his verse with Lyrics “On Top of the Charts vvybh” I wish it comes true when the EP released !!

Check out also kgvovc track ‘Series’ on Just Music compilation album

For now, you can only listen to the track on Youtube, but let’s wait few more days on 24th of January 2019 until the EP released !! For now you can follow their activities on their personal Instagram : @Giriboy91 , @hiolnl & @Superstarjimmyfuckedup … Also Just Music & Instagram : @Wejustmusic & @Wybh_korea



What do you think of the track Stone by Kim Seungmin Giriboy & OLNL  ??  Are you Hype for the upcoming EP ?? Leave your comments below !!