Code Kunst XI with Lee Hi | The Next Story of X

Code Kunst & Lee Hi Collabo ?? Yes Please !! Our favorite Singer-Producer Duo just back with a track ‘XI’ . This is the next story of X

Code Kunst XI

Code Kunst XI with Lee Hi. The description of this song is the next Story of ‘X’. It’s been 2 years since the release of ‘X’ by Code Kunst & Lee Hi which was part of Cokun album ‘Muggles Mansion’ . We also been waiting for so long for Lee Hi comeback, thank you Cokun.

Code Kunst always produce good music, we know that (He also produce the Most track on SMTM 777). But Cokun always level up his music on another level when he collaborate with Lee Hi. I know i’m asking too much but Code Kunxt x Lee Hi album sounds good right ??

Code Kunst XI’ feat Lee Hi

Love is Bittersweet. XI tell a story about a couple who keep getting hurt but can’t help to stay in love. Just like the lyrics on XI :
“Love is like a pack of Cigarette Yeah it Kills Me
But Fxxx that i need you right now
Bittersweet of Love, Every Love is BItterSweet
Bittersweet of Love, We Hurt, We Love”

After listening this song, i have the urge to listen to ‘X’ . Here Lee Hi & Code Kunnst perform ‘X’ on SXSW 2018 last year

Code Kunst ‘X’ with lee Hi on SXSW 2018


Code Kunst is really active since he Join AOMG. Beside become SMTM 777 Producer (Also produce most track on SMTM 777), he been really active producing & release tracks. We hope there’s gonna be more gems from Cokun considering he still have 400 more beats in those hardisk.

Bonus  : Once upon a time Code Kunst & Lee Hi

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