Zene The Zilla Nothing Remix | Original The Quiett

Nothing is one of the best song from The Quiett. Depicting how he start his career from nothing. Now Zene The Zilla made a remix version of it !! Can it live up to the original track ??

Zene The ZIlla Nothing

Zene The Zilla Nothing Remix !!! “I started from nothing making more than something” , the iconic intro from The Quiett track nothing show not everything is easy. Including for Zene who currently rising in KHH Industry, nothing been easy for money colored hair.

Zene The Zilla still use the original intro, hook & beat from The Quiett nothing remix. But the track have totally different vibes because Zene Voice & rap style. Check out Zene Version of ‘nothing’ that he just release on his Soundcloud !!

Zene The ZIlla Nothing Remix’ (Original the Quiett)

Here’s a snippet of Zene The Zilla Nothing Lyrics

“They can’t say anything.
I can’t say anything.
You can’t keep up with me, man. i believe
The more i change, the more i cites

yo YTC4LYF we keep climbing
Are you my hyung ? I just get to know you hyung
What are you looking at, you fool ?
My love is limited edition. what you want is sold out”

This is the original ‘Nothing’ by The Quiett

Zene been working hard last year. One of the most popular contestant that comes out from SMTM 777 and been really active since (release single, EP, participate in a cypher & Many more). If you curious about him you can follow his Instagram : @Zenethezilla & Soundcloud :¬†zenethezilla ¬† . We can’t wait for Zene Activities in 2019 !!

What do you think of Zene The Zilla Nothing¬†?? Do you prefer Zene version or The Quiet version ?? We love both though, so let’s keep support both of them !!