Brand New A !! Brand New Music Sub Label with Fresh Music

Brand New Music announce a new sub label Brand New A which will recruit artist from different kind of Genre than BNM. Let’s see what this agency/company is all about.

Brand New A

Brand New A !! The new Sub Label under Brand New Music is actually an abbreviation of Brand New Artist. The Plan for the new sub-Label of BNM is to recruit & Develop artist who have different type of music styles than their parent company (which is should be Hiphop / R&B according to their latest agency single album Brand New 7 ).

Ryhmer personally said that this is his plan from long time ago, to broaden BNM music spectrum while embrace & grow new talented musician.

Brand New A

The first artist of the new label is YODAYOUNG !! Eh who ?? She’s a talented singer-songwriter that just debut. YODAYOUNG Debut with a new track that just release today ‘One Sided love‘, her music should be a good indication of what this company & artist music style in the future

YODAYOUNG ‘One Sided Love’.

YODAYOUNG was quite known as a YouTube artist with her song cover. She was known before as Yodazero. I can’t wait to see more artist that they gonna Discover !!

YODAYOUNG / Yodazero cover ‘What the Spring’ by 10 CM

There still more information that we need to uncover for BNA & their artists. For now you can follow their official Instagram : @brandnew.a.official & Yodayoung Instagram :@Horizon.kk . We really look forward to more activities from Both agencies, also we can’t wait for more artist to be announced ~

What do you think of BNM Sub label ?? Who do you think gonna join as their artist ?? Leave your comments below !!

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