OUTLIVE !! Get to know Basick & Kimsaehankil Agency

Recently there’s been rumor in social media that Basick start his own company OUTLIVE, Well it’s not completely wrong, but check here to see whats this company/agency is all about !!


OUTLIVE !! We actually get really curious about the company because there’s not much information available on the internet (whether it’s international/korea news article). We ended up ask the representative of OUTLIVE for further information and they were really nice replying to us .

So you probably got few question in hand. Few question from my followers in Twitter : is Basick really starting his own Company after he’s not part of RBW Anymore??Is there any more artist in this Agency?? “Will Basick release new music ??” . Check out the itnerview below for the answer for the question !

Here’s our interview with OUTLIVE representative that will make things clear about OUTLIVE


Dkhhrnb: The Story Behind OUTLIVE ??

OUTLIVE : Basick, Kimsaehankil, and Jinhyun Kim, we were all freelancers at the time. We were looking for an environment to have freedom to make OUR art. 

We see artists become bounded by the labels and don’t get opportunities to do what they feel is right for them. We wanted a company powered by the individuals and not the company.


Dkhhrnb: Is There a deeper meaning behind the Slogan ‘OUTLIVE Your Life : Life is a perspective’ ??

OUTLIVE :Life is limited if we choose to follow the system that is made by others. OUTLIVE encourages individuals to be ‘the misfits’ and break the walls.

Art brings greater meanings to life that are bigger than what is perceived to be real. we hope all the young people follow their imaginations to create future and believe life can be much longer than lifetime and much bigger than our immediate environment through art.


Dkhhrnb: There’s a rumor going on in Social media that Basick is the one who found this company, is this true ???

OUTLIVE : Three of us.


DKhhrnb: Many of my followers were curious about Basick future activities . Any plan for 2019 ??

OUTLIVE : Basick has recorded and has quite amount of music on deck. It is undecided how they will be released yet. But we can promise, soon.


Dkhhrnb: Is there a plan to sign other artist beside Basick & kimsaehankil ??

OUTLIVE : Not for now.


Dkhhrnb: MUSIC Genre/style of OUTLIVE ???

OUTLIVE : The colors will be painted by the artists and not the label. So sky is the limit.


Dkhhrnb : Future Plan of OUTLIVE ???

OUTLIVE : We definitely have plans for the future. But first and foremost, Quailty is first. That means we try not to let deadlines rush and dictate the quality of art.

Most importantly, future is better when it is shown than said. Thanks.

As you can see in the Interview. There’s few things that been clear up. This is not only Basick Company/agency as it was rumored, there also Jihyun Kim & KimSaehankil that recently release Coup De cœur EP. We also look forward to Basick new release & OUTLIVE future activities !!

If you still curious about OUTLIVE, you can check their Instagram : @OUTLIVE_Official & their artist Basick : @realbasick & Kimsaehankil : @Kimsaehankil

So there’s our Online Interview with OUTLIVE !! We hope it clears lot of things up about your curiosity .