Kimsaehankil Coup De cœur EP | Dreamy voice with Chill music

Kimsaehankil release a new EP !! His name is not familiar yet with the music industry, but let’s get to know more about the talented singer-songwriter-producer from OUTLIVE !!Kimsaehankil

Kimsaehankil Coup De cœur EP. Before we get into the EP , let’s get to know more about Kim Saehankil, Kim Saehankil already officially debut on 2011 ‘Pretty Me’ with Basick. He also produce Basick track ‘Founder Vol : 3’. ‘Coup De cœur’ EP is KimSaehan Kil 1st EP under OUTLIVE.

Here the teaser of the EP

Coup De cœur EP tracklist

  • After All
  • Love (Is It Really?)
  • Freefall
  • Nile

There’s 4 track in this EP by Kimsaehankil. Each one of the track have a chill vibe but have their own characteristic.  KimSaehanKil said in the introduction of this EP if You ask me To draw Time, Most likely, i gonna draw an arrow, Infinitely flows in one direction” 

Coup De cœur EP Audio preview

After all : After All is the track to listen tonight. Play this track, enjoy the acoustic guitar accompaniment and have a nice dream.  I really loves the ending of this song, his voice is so dreamy…

Love (Is iT Really) : This is the title track of KimSaehanKil EP. It combine two voice that i assume is still Kimsaehankil voice (because there’s no featuring). There’s a little rap in the middle which is really cool.

Freefall : Okay this is differentl. The Music, the lyrics & everything didn’t sound like it comes from Korea. I actually ask my non K-pop/k-hiphop friend to listen to this track and they think it’s some British indie singer.

Nile :  I thought the track is glitching in the middle, but it’s actually intended. There’s a korea lyrics mixed in the background of the english lyrics and it’s really unique !

If you still curious about singer-producer-songwriteryou can follow his Instagram : @kimsaehankil , OUTLIVE Instagram :@Outlive_official & Youtube ChanneL : @Outlive_official

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So which track is your favorite from the EP ?? Leave your comments below !!