Jessi PSY Agency P Nation | Contract with YMC ended

Jessi have a new family !! After being a part of YMC Entertainment for a long time, Jessi decide to be in a new home in PSY’s Agency !!

Jessi Psy Agency

Jessi PSY agency . It’s been confirm that Jessi have a new family !! PSY have create his own Agency after conclude his contract with YG Entertainment that he have been working with for 8 years. Jessi also didn’t extend her contract with YMC Entertainment that ends in October last year.


Check out Jessi talk about her new Agency on Dumbfoundead ‘Fun WIth Dumb’ credit to @jessihoempire for providing the cut


PSY’s Agency is a new label & Jessi is the first artist that PSY Sign for the label (Beside PSY obviously). The Label is called P Nation & PSY actually ask Jessi in first person to come to his agency.Other artist beside Jessi Psy Agency is E’dawn & Hyuna

Jessi teaser on MBC ‘Kill Bill’

Jessi gonna be a contestant on MBC ‘Kill BIll’ . A Hiphop Show that gonna air soon on 31st of January 2019. We look forward to Jessi on the show, we hope she can win the whole thing and go worldwide !!!!

If you still curious about Jessi you can follow her Instagram : @Jessicah_o , also for more updates about Jessi you can follow @JessiHoEmpire on Twitter !!

What do you think of Jessi PSY Agency ?? We really look forward to more Jessi activities on 2019 !!

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