Punch OST medley | OST Queen on Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook

OST Queen ?? If you a K-drama fans, you must be familiar with Punch. She also have a golden touch when it comes to Korea Drama. When Punch sing the OST, the drama is usually gonna be a hit !!

Punch OST

Punch OST . On Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook ep 426, Punch receive a challenge from Yoo Heeyeol, the Challenge is too sing OST of the Drama Yoo Heeyeol mention !! Punch did a medley of her hit songs from several k Drama.

Punch OST Medley on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

Stay With Me‘ for Goblin drama OST : One of the most popular drama OST of All Time. Already reach 135 Million views on Youtube as we Speak !! The track also feature Chanyeol of EXO

Everytime for Descendant of The Sun OST: Is there any K-drama fans who haven’t watch the drama that star the Song-song couple (Song joonki & Song Hye kyo) ?? The OST feature Chen of EXO and already reach 78 Million views on youtube !!

‘It’s Okay that’s love’ for Sleepless Night OST : This is one of the hit track on 2014. Many people still doesn’t know Punch back then. It also feature someone we all really love, it’s Crush !! Yes, this track is a collaboration of Punch x Crush. Pretty sure this track gonna top the digital chart if it was release on 2019.

‘Say Yes’ for Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo: If There a list of K-drama Punch OST that been covered the most this probably gonna on the top of the list. A perfect combination by Punch & Loco, the song still being cover by lots of people, sing in karaoke & being listened to on 2019.

Beside do an acapella medley  for OST, Punch also sing her title song from her next album ‘Heart‘ This is actually haven’t been released !

‘Heart’ by Punch on Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook’

Punch is really the OST Queen, in an interview she said she love to watch School Rapper & Would like to collaborate with more rapper in the future. I’ve recently been hooked into K-Drama OST because there so many great talented musician who participate. Check out our other articles about drama OST !!


If you curious about the episode you can watch the episode HERE. SORAN, Jung Seunghwan, Nafla and Loopy also a guest in this episode !!!

What is your favorite Punch OST?? Make sure to listen to Punch album aswell when it’s release !!

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