Gaeko Radio Star | Stories between Gaeko & wife Kim Sumi

Gaeko looked back about his childhood on Radio Star. He also talked about how he could marry her wife, Kim Sumi, and other unforgettable moments.

Gaeko Radio Star

Gaeko Radio Star Ep 604. On January 9th episode of Radio Star, Kim In-kwon, Kim Ki-bang, Gaeko, and Mithra Jin came as the guests. The theme of the episode was The Discreet Charm of Beasts. Let’s see about the life story of Gaeko, it’s a fun one i promise !

He’s just An Excuse to Take Photo with Sumi

Gaeko admitted that many people took a photo with him as an excuse for taking photo with Sumi. “Ah.. You were the stepping stone,” said MC. “I feel like that big balloon in front of a big supermarket.”

Sumi is running skincare products business. Gaeko keep prevented Sumi by having children when it came to work, like finishing her study in the States and start the business.  Kim Gura is envious with Gaeko (Kim Gura is a widow). “By the way it seems like you have someone to rely on. When I look at you all I see that you have partners, now that I am alone. This gives me a lot to think about”

Gaeko Radio Star

Currently, negotiating about Crush’s future music releases with him to extend his contract (Crush contract ended soon, we don’t want 2nd Zion T right ??). Yoon Jongshin also compliment Gaeko about his work on Empty City, because Gaeko did his part perfectly only with one try, without edited it.



Won His Wife’s Heart by Fulfilling Her Daily Necessities.

Gaeko won Sumi’s heart with daily necessities. “When you live alone, daily necessities are essential.” “When you fill up the cabinet, that would last almost a year.” Gaeko make the MCs puzzled with his reply, “I could not put them in cabinet since I was not allowed in the house. In order to close the distance, I continued to buy daily necessities.”

Gaeko used a permission to go the restroom as an excuse to enter Sumi’s place. “When did you get to enter the room?” “She let me do that when I brought frozen dumplings.” “Why did not you get dumplings first.” “I did not know she liked dumplings. When I brought them, she told me to come inside. Sumi & Gaeko dated for five years before we got married

How he keep calm on Pre Shotgun-Marriage

Sumi got pregnant before marriage and inform Gaeko while he was on army. Kim Ki Bang jokingly said, “The dumplings did the work”.

Gaeko was actually flustered by he tried to not be, If he hesitated the relationship is over & she will hold grudges. If he just said “Oh”, then it’s over. Gaeko need to react fast, as soon as he heard the news he straight say to Kim Sumi “Lets Get Married”

Gaeko Radio Star

Gaeko  also scolded by her father-in-law. “He is funny because he is from Busan, “I get that you are young, but you should not have gotten so worked up.” I apologized to him for an hour and told him that I will take care of her.”



Gaeko Story with his wife Kim Sumi is really interesting right ?? Even i learn a lot when i watch this episode of Radio Star. Gaeko answer a lot of question about his relationship with Kim Sumi that everyone really curious.

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