Kill Bill Air Date !! Why you should anticipate this show

MBC Kill Bill air date confimed !! This is a new Hiphop Survival show that different from the others. It’s not about young/unknown hiphop artist who try to get recognition (Like SMTM/School Rapper), it’s about established korea superstar who gonna take Billboard chart !!

MBC Kill BIll Air Date

MBC Kill Bill Air Date is confirmed !! It’s gonna be on Thursday 31st of January 2019. Mark the date folks because it’s gonna be lit !! The show was scheduled to air for 10 episode, it means we got Kill Bill on Thursday & School rapper  3 on friday !!

There’s 7 contestant who gonna fight each other for a chance to compete against artist all around the world in Billboard Chart. The Winner gonna have exclusive rights collaborating with DJ Khaled while get all the logistic support for promoting in the U.S.

Here’s the list of Contestant

  • Cheetah
  • San E
  • YDG
  • Rhythm Power
  • Jessi
  • Bewhy
  • Dok2

This is a few reason of why you should anticipate this show !!



Contestant Star Power

Each of the contestant have a great pedigree as hiphop musician. Beside being a successful artist themselves, they already become SMTM / School Rapper Judges/producer/mentor before !

  • Cheetah is School Rapper 2 mentor
  • San E is SMTM 3, 4 Producer , School Rapper 2 Mentor
  • YDG is SMTM 3 Producer, School rapper 1 Mentor
  • Rhythm Power is School Rapper 2 mentor
  • Jessi is School Rapper 1 Mentor
  • Bewhy (Should’ve been) SMTM 777 Producer
  • Dok2 is SMTM 3, 5 & 6 Producer

They know how Survival show works & knows how to make a good TV. This is gonna be a fierce competition. Hey! We Haven’t even talk about how talented they are !!

Fierce competition


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Eachl of the contestant can make a case why they could/should win the show. This is different than SMTM / School Rapper where we could probably guess who the winner even before the show air. This time everyone have a legit chance of winning and going worldwide.

I even already make my Pre-Release Power Ranking for MBC Kill Bill as a prediction. Who do you think gonna win this competition ??





Air on Major TV channel. MBC

Another drawing for this show is it by MBC. MBC doesnt known for their evil editing (at least it’s better compared to /cough cough/ usual survival show). Being on Major TV also make this show being watch by more people !! It means you KHH friends for you and me.

MBC doesn’t have many experience handling Hip hop shows, but when they did it’s a masterpiece. One of the most memorable hip hop shows that MBC did is Infinity Challenge ‘Hip Hop special’ and it still one of the best hip hop episode to ever air.


Featuring from International artist

MBC Kill Bill Air Date

There’s been report on several South Korea media articles that The artist will have a featuring with major international artist. We don’t know whether the article is true but we still look forward to it !!

THere have been rumor of Drake joining the show, beside DJ Khaled who already confirmed to join the cast. Ut would be really great if international artist come to the show and do featuring with one of the contestant.




Voting System

How many times do we get disappointment when our faves get eliminated by the Judges/producers on other survival show ?? No anymore because this show doesn’t use any judges beside the crowd !!!MBC representative also already said that the show result is 100 % according to the crowd !! The crowd gonna have full control & vote when the artist perform.

We believe this make a better system compared to Survival by the hands of judges which tends to be morea subjective. We hope that viewers/ online fan can vote just like SBS ‘The Fan’ but let’s see later when the show air ~

Killing the Billboard chart


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The PD & Contestant not play around. The show name Kill Bill is shorten from ‘Killing the Billboard charts’. The winner will collaborate with DJ Khaled while getting full support for their expansion in the Global market.

We already hype even though the 1st episode haven’t air yet !!

Are you ready for this show ?? Kill BIll air date is on 31st of January 2019. We gonna do a livetweet on Our Twitter also so make sure to check it out when the show air. Let’s enjoy the show !!


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