Yeesang I See | Satgot Crew is not only Loco

Yeesang is back !! Who ??? He’s a part of Satgot Crew !! What Crew ?? Satgotcrew is the Crew that have Loco in it (That’s why his instagram name is @Satgotloco). Let’s get to know more about Yeesang with his latest track I See !


Yeesang I See

Yeesang I See. Beside Loco, there’s not much known information about Satgot Crew, including for Singer-rapper-songwriter Yeesang. Yeesang Officially debut on 2017 with a single ‘Fly’ and been releasing several more other tracks since then. His music preference remind me of Woogie style of Music, i hope Woogie can make track of him in the future.

Yeesang  I See MV

This track actually have a fun story behind it. Yeesang & Producer Moocean have a sleepless night creating this track, yet in the end they use the first guide version as the release. No wonder the track sound so natural, it doesnt feel like it’s something made out of studio, rather it sounds like something you heard when someone busking. The MV also as peaceful as the lyrics.

This is some lyrics from yeesang ‘I See’ 

“Raindrops Fell on Like Blanket
As i pass through The Orange Forest
Blooming Flowers are so beautiful
I see you hunching under the Vine
You & Me Collide just like other microorganism on the Universe
Living on Earth that spins like Merry Go Round”

This is other track from Yeesang that i suggest . It feature his Satgot member Loco !!

‘Here’ feat Loco MV

If you still curious about Yeesang. I suggest to follow his Instagram : @yeesang & Soundcloud : ystranks. We look forward for more activities by Yeesang & Satgot crew !! There still much more that we can learn about them & their music.

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What do you think of Yeesang I see ?? Are you a fan of him now ?? Leave your comments below !!