DJ Wegun OnStage 2:0 | Great Tracks from Band Wegun Effect

DJ Wegun !! He’s probably not the most known member of AOMG but Kim Myung Joon is one of the best musician that the label have. Check out his latest performance from his latest album ‘Band Wegun Effect’ OnStage 2.0 !!

DJ Wegun OnStage

DJ Wegun OnStage 2.0. ‘Band Wegun Effect’ album already release on September 2018 It features 13 other artist . He’s a producer so he didn’t sing or rap in this album (Just Like Woogie / Groovyroom / Apro or any other producer tracks). Recently he do a live version from several of his track OnStage 2.0 !!

‘Band Wegun Effect‘ tracklist

  • Teach me feat Sogumm & Punchnello
  • Sidewalks feat Loco & OLNL
  • 3000 Woin feat Changmo, Yumdda & Uneducated Kid
  • Dal feat Jay park
  • Weekend feat GRAY & Chancellor
  • Venom feat Nafla
  • Bandz feat Simon Dominic & Coogie
  • Sax Night

DJ Wegun perform 3 tracks from his ‘Band Wegun Effect’ album.

‘Teach Me‘ feat Sogumm & Punchnello | DJ Wegun Onstage 2.0

This is actually my personal favorite track on the album. It got one underrated singer & rapper at the same song !! Sogumm have a voice that reminds me a bit of Suran, you can follow her on Instagram : @Sogumm.

Punchnello he continue to prove why he should be considered as one of the most promising talent in the industry, you can follow him on Instagram : @Fkuropinion

Dal‘ feat Jay Park

Jay Park singing on falsetto for a whole song???? Yes Please !! ~

‘Sax Night ‘ DJ Wegun Onstage

The outro/Last Trax of DJ Wegun ‘Band Wegun effect’ didn’t feature anyone. It just a combination of DJ Turntable & Saxophone. It’s not easy to enjoy pure Music without Lyrics, but try listen to this ~



OnStage 2.0 is a platform for any Korea musician for giving a new version of their Music (It Could Be Live/Band Version or anything!) Make sure to check their youtube channel for more updates.

What do you think of DJ Wegun Onstage 2.0 ?? What is your favorite track from ‘Band Wegun Effect’ album ?? Leave your comments below !!