Junoflo Statues Full Album | early Legacy from Juno

Junoflo release his 1st full album !! 2019 just barely start and Junoflo already bless us with a new album. There’s 8 track inside Junoflo Statues and all of them is lit !!

Junoflo Statues

Junoflo Statues . This si the 1st full album of Junoflo, he already release an EP last year ‘Only Human’. We honestly really curious about how the Album gonna turn out because one of the pre-release track ‘Autopilot’ featuring BoA is a Bop !!

Junoflo Statues tracklist

  • Icarus
  • Statues
  • Sportage ’07
  • Autopilot feat BoA
  • Monday Blues feat G2
  • Yung Luchini / Bibi interlude
  • Ausgang (exit) feat DJ Zo
  • Palm Trees
  • Cliche
  • Fools gold
  • La Familia
  • Curtain Call

There’s 12 track inside !! The title track (as you probably guess) is ‘Statues’ which Junoflo also release as an MV.

‘Statues’ MV

Jiggy Jiggy Juno !! This track was inspired by Michelangelo (yes the legendary 15th century artist) words, the exact quote is : ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’.

 I feel like Junoflo also carving something with his music, we gonna look back to this track as a legacy when i introduce him to the next generation of KHH enthusiast. Now talking about rap, i really love the 2nd part which start on 2:12, Juno just give that flow & no one can stop him, i repeat, no one…

My personal favorite of Junoflo statues is actually ‘Yung Luchini’ / ‘Bibi Interlude’ . This is how i get to know Junoflo for the first time, his sick flow using a simple beat that highlight his voice & finesse flow. There’s also the amazing BIbi voice on the 2nd part though, i hope Junoflo can work with Bibi on future episode of SBS ‘The Fan’. The public need to knows about the two of them !!

Yung Luchini’ / ‘Bibi Interlude’ Audio

The other title track of Junoflo in the ‘Statues’ Album is ‘Autopilot featuring BoA. I already make a review of this track so check it out also !

Feelghood Music have been on the rise recently. Start from Yoon Mirae album Gemini II, Drunken Tiger X album, Bibi legendary performance on SBS ‘The Fan’, & now Junoflo full album !! We look forward to more Feelghood Music activities on 2019 !!


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What do you think of Junoflo full album ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!