BOiTELLO Le Petit Prince | New single featuring Xydo

Boitello is back !! Who ?? He’s an R&B Rapper, who have a chill vibes while using sick flow. Curious about him ?? Let’s get to know him more with his latest track ‘Little Prince’ / ‘Le Petit Prince’ which inspired from a classic novel with the same title.

Boitello Le Petit Prince

Boitello Le Petit Prince. Who first come to mind when you think of Rapper who did R&B ?? OLNL ?? pH-1 ?? Crucial Star ?? BOiTELLO is actually one of his own kind, he didn’t use the same style as other R&B musician. He use a really fast flow & pace like something you gonna heard from a hiphop rapper yet his chill vibes, voice color & his music style screams R&B.

Le Petit Prince / Little Prince feat Xydo MV

BOiTELLO collaborate with Xydo from ‘Poisonholyc’ in this track. The track was actually inspired by a novel with a same title ‘Little Prince/Le Petit Prince’ written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. My personal favorite part in this track is when Xydo singing nearly acapella without any accompaniment in the end of the track.

There’s also many track that i really like from BOiTELLO, One of my favorite is ‘We Don’t feat Ripely. Try gave it a listen ~

‘We Don’t’ feat Ripley MV

Are you a fan of him now ?? BOiTELLO is also a part of GR8VATTIC crew. You can follow his activities on Instagram : @boitello_ & Soundcloud : @Boitello95 . We really look forward to more of his music on 2019 !!

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What do you think of BOiTELLO Le Petit Prince ?? Are you a fan of him now ?? Leave your comments below !!