Grizzly Bench | Another Chill track to start 2019

Grizzly is back !! Who ??? No it’s not the bear nor it’s a basketball team. Grizzly is Up & Coming R&B Singer who have realistic lyrics about people daily life. If Slice of Life could be a music Genre instead of Manga/Anime genre, it would be for Grizzly.

Grizlly Bench

Grizzly Bench. This is what i like about Grizzly songs, we can listen to it, enjoy the lyrics, and imagine we being absorbed to his world. Grizzly actually already debut for quite some time, from early 2015 when he release his 1st single ‘With U’. He still mostly unknown to the general public though, let’s get to know him more with his latest track ‘Bench’ !!

Bench by Grizzly Lyrics video

The track is chill yet have a hint of gloomy & lonelines. The music is easy to listen R&B, which is perfect song if you still have any bad memories left on 2018. This song actually have different vibe than what Grizzly usually release, Grizzly often use more Britpop  style of music with heavy emphasis on Guitar sounds which i think suit him more but not yet familiar to korea people ears.  This track is a good way to introduce his voice & lyrics style to the public.

Grizzly Bench lyrics :
“Sit on The bench we Used to sit
Thinking About You
We often sit here
Thinking about you

Ocean Views
With the City Light reflection onn the sea
Came Here once in a while with u”



Grizzly also appear on SBS ‘The Fan’ where Crush recommend him as one of the contestant. It’s actually quite sad knowing that one of your favorite artist that you’ve been following for quite some time still doesn’t get the recognition he deserve.

Grizzly perform ‘Incomplete Life’ on SBS the Fan ep 3

If you curious about him you can follow his activites on Instagram :@Gombalbaddak & also his agency youtube channel Ego Entertainment. We hope that anyone who read this artcile gonna be a fan of Grizzly in the future !! We gonna keep our eyes on him cause we believe he gonna create good music in the future.



Listen & purchase to Grizzly Bench on Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs

What do you think of Grizzly new track ?? are you a fan of Grizzly now ?? Leave your comments below !!