Bibi Letter | Emotional Stage Full of tears The Fan’ Ep 7

Bibi is always full of emotion. Whether it’s cheerful, energetic and also the emotion that make everyone drop his tears. On the recent Episode of SBS ‘The Fan’ Bibi show one of her best performance. A legendary one…..

Bibi performance

Bibi Letter to his father & late Grandfather. The song that she perform is originally called ‘The Letter’ by Kim kwangjin Sunbaenim, a song from the old times (you probably already heard the original version song before, they usually play it when its a sad moment/someone go to military). Bibi change the lyrics of this legendary song a bit. This is Bibi letter

Bibi Letter (original Kim kwangjin) on SBS ‘The Fan’ ep 7

At the end of her stage, she can’t help but to be emotional while singing this song. This song have a really deep story that i will explain later. You can feel the emotion from Bibi trembling voice when she start to get emotional. When the song ended, Bibi can’t help to shed her tears, everyone in the stage & the one watching (including Me) also shed their tears.

Background Story

This is a song to remind Bibi & bibi family to their heritage. Her grandfather left her mother behind (presumably because of South & Korea Civil war, The time & Bibi explain point to that).

Even Dara become bibi Fan !!

This performance is one of the legendary Performance by Bibi. She already have a great performance before but this performance is just on a whole different level. She also become the most search on Naver after this episode air.


Bibi is the Maknae of Feelghood Music. The music daughter that Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae rise. If you want to know her more you can follow her on Instagram :@Nakedbibi or check out my other article when she first appear on this show !!

What do you think of Bibi Letter on SBS ‘The Fan’ ep 7 ?? Her performance gonna be one of the most legendary performance on this show.. In a few years we gonna look back at this and witness a superstar has born.