The Best Chicken Drama OST | Superstar K 2 Kim Eunbi

There so many R&B singer & Hiphop Rapper that were featuring in drama OST. MBN TV new Drama ‘The Best Chicken’ choose EB as one of the featuring. Who is she ?? Get to know her below ~

The Best Chicken Drama

The Best Chicken Drama . This drama just air last week on 2nd of January 2019. The story is about two young people that have a big dreams yet they stuck because of different circumstances.. It star Kim Sohye, Park Sunho & Joo Woo jae. If you curious about the drama you cam watch it on Viki. It’s only just 2 episode so it’s not too late to catch up !!

Sweet Stranger. the title fit this Drama because the main cast were actually strangers who have bad relationship because of their own circumstances.

‘Sweet Stranger’ The Best Chicken Drama OST by Kim Eunbi

So you probably already listen to the track, now who is EB ?? Her real name is Kim EunBi. Ring a bell ??? no ?? Former Supersar K2 contestant, she goes to Top 6. Ring a bell now ?? Still No ?? She’s also a Former YG Trainee who scheduled to debut on YG new girlgroup back then in 2012 -- 2014 (supposedly Blackpink (?)) but left YG on 2014 Because of health issue.  TMI (Too Much Information) : She’s also a dear friend of The Ark Kim Euna.



Kim Eunbi Ex YG Trainee

Yes this is that Kim Eunbi (Not the rapper with the same stage name EB). She left the entertainment world 4 years ago and we (at least me) already kinda forget about her… The last track that she release is actually back then 2010. So it’s been 8 years since she release anything.. You can also follow her on Instagram ; @eunbii3



Let’s support her comeback as a musician by listening & purchase the track on Melon, Genie & Bugs



What do you think about the best Chicken Drama OST by Kim Eunbi/EB ?? have you watch the drama yet ?? leave your comments below !!