Rheehab Fish MV | Finally something with Microdot !

Rheehab release a new MV of not so new Song ‘Fish’ . The song actually already release 3 months ago and finally we got the MV !! Also we miss Microdot, thank you rheehab.

Rheehab Fish

Rheehab Fish featuring Microdot. The track actually release on 16th of October 2018, but only audio version. I was on the verge of giving up because of Microdot ongoing parents issue that become one of the biggest isue in korea on the late 2018. (Well we also didn’t get the release of Microdot & Jung Eunji track so…..)

Rheehab talks about different perspective in this track. Do you ever wonder who having better life ? Is it you who see the boring fish on the fish bowl ?? Or is it the fish who can see the world outside the Fishbowl peacefully?? Rheehab ask this philosophical question that goes deeper in the song that sounds quite bright & easy to listen.

Fish’ feat Microdot MV

The MV Is so bright and cute !! We didn’t see Microdot still but we see his brother Sanchez in this MV. Sanchez also kinda ‘Disappear’ after his & Microdot parents fraud issue. He also suppose to release a track but well, that also ‘disappear’.



Rheehab Watchaname MV

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