GXXD | Producer Vangdale & SeYoung single with friends

GXXD !! Who ?? GirlNextDoor !! Who ?? New Girlgroup ?? Nope, it’s actually a new producer duo by Vangdale & Seyoung !! They release their first Single Album ‘GXXD’


GXXD (GirlNextDoor) first single album ‘GXXD’ . Vangdale been giving a teaser and everyone was wondering what is this, the name sounds like a new Girlgroup, new rapper/singer, or new fashion brand. It’s actually a new producer duo by Vangdale & Kwon SeYoung !! Today the release a new single album consist of 3 tracks, it features their friends that they been working with in the past : Coogie, Sik-k, Goopy & Moon

GXXD tracklist

  • Come in feat Moon & Sik-k
  • Bellboy feat Coogie & Sik-k
  • Just Friends feat Goopy

The track ‘Bellboy’ featuring Coogie & Sik-k become the title track. They also release the MV (which also released also on SM Station channel because Coogie in this track also perhaps?) for this track.

‘Bellboy’ feat Coogie & Sik-k

If this a snippet of what to come from GXXD then i’m down !!  The track is somewhat different than what Vangdale usually produce for Coogie & sik-k in the past, it feels so fresh ! I really like the intro that maximize Coogie voice, Coogie humming is good enough to be a track on his own.





My personal favorite track is actually ‘Come In’ feat Moon & Sik-k. It have totally different vibe from the track ‘BellBoy’. This producer duo really have a wide range of expertise in Music. I gonna look forward to their activities in the future !

If you curious about this new producer duo. You can follow Vangdale on Instagram : @Vangdale , SeYoung on Instagram: @gxxdseyoung & the official account :@girlnexxtd00r

Listen & purchase to Girl Next Doornew single album on Melon, Genie & Bugs

What do you think of about the producer new single ?? Do you like their style of Music ?? leave your comments below !!