EXO Tempo cover | Live cover By singer Sobae

Sobae release a new song cover. This time it’s a Live cover of EXO ‘Tempo’. I always love a cover of an already great K-Pop song because it’s really a challenge to recreate a song that everyone already so familiar with.

Exo Tempo Cover

EXO Tempo cover. To start 2019, Sobae release a new song cover of EXO ‘Tempo’. This is the continuation of a cover project by Mufully. The latest project they did is a K-pop hit song Mashup by Park Jimin & Vincent Blue. I wonder if there’s still more coming ???

EXO Tempo cover by Sobae

Wow ~ I never expect Tempo can be cover like this. Sobae bring her style (R&B & Soul) into the cover. She also show her hidden talent when she rap inside the track. Try to gave this cover of Sobae to your EXOL friends and ask their opinion !!

This is a song by Sobae that i recommend . She’s really talented and have voice that suit many different concepts.

Sobae ‘Holiday’ feat San E

Sobae is a rising R&B/Soul singer that gain a lot of recognition this year. She also accompany Mad Clown & San E to their U.S tour earlier this year. If you want to know about her you can follow her Instagram : @Hey_sobae & her YouTube channel.

What do You think of EXO Tempo cover by Sobae ?? Leave your comments friend