Zico King of the Zungle | Start own Agency & Future plan

Zico start his own One Man agency. After parting ways with Seven seasons last year, Zico now already moving forward, starting his own one man agency ‘King of The Zungle’.

Zico King of THe Zungle

Zico King of the Zungle (KOZ). This is the name of Zico World Tour that also become the name of his one man Agency. Zico reportedly already setting up his own office building, with staff he have been working with before. (from the days he still in Seven Seasons)

Zico King of the Zungle 2019 plan

  • Zico full album
  • Discover & Develop talented artists
  • Expand Zico activity, not just as singer but gonna be more active as producer producing for others

There several report from ‘Insider’ that Zico decide to start his one man agency & not joining other is because he want to have wide range of options at his behalf while having freedom to do anything he desire. The ‘Insider’ further said that Zico is so talented in Composing, writing lyrics & produce music that Zico won’t have any problems competing in the music industry even if he’s alone (on One Man Agency).

Zico on Asia Artist Awards red carpet

We really looking forward to Zico future activitites !! In Asia artist awards 2018, Zico also said that he been working on his album that he gonna release on 2019. Many other artist like Jay Park, Swings, & Dok2  also become successful after starting their own agency in KHH industry, We wish all the best for Zico & King of The Zungle !!

Zico is only one of the artist that part ways with their agency on 2018. Many find their own success after they working solo (under their own agency/as independent artist), I’m pretty sure Zico will to


What do you think of Zico King of the Zungle Agency ??? Or do you prefer him to join other agency instead ?? Leave your comments below !!

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