Ash B UP | Former Unpretty Rapstar back with new single

Ash B !! It’s been a while since you heard the name right ??? Former Unpretty Rapstar contestant is back with a new track !! If you doesn’t know her, well it’s fine, just keep reading this article !

Ash B Up


Ash B Up. Before the year ends, she’s is back again to close 2018 with a new single ‘Up’ . If you doesn’t know her yet, she was a contestant of Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 & 3 also a contestant on SMTM season 5. If you want to know about her you can follow her on Instagram @Ash_boss , Soundcloud : @ashb0773 & her youtube channel here.

Ash B Up audio

Nope she’s not the one you used to know. She’s also a singer now ~ She still rap in this track so it’s like Ash B feat Ash B and i like it !! There’s many Unpretty rapstar contestant that become a great singer now, Heize & Kassy also become a singer after starting their career as a rapper on unpretty Rapstar.



If you still prefer the ‘old’ ones (Similiar vibes to her unpretty Rapstar/SMTM days) you can check the track of her from early 2018. This track also the title track of her EP ‘Everything’ so make sure to check that out also !!

‘Blocked’ feat Cherry Coke

She’s not that active on 2018 (She still release an EP earlier on 2018 though). I hope she become more active on 2019, there still lots to learn from Ash-B & her music !

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What do you think of Ash B new track ?? Do you miss her ?? Leave your comments below !!