Loopy I Know | New year track on Soundcloud

I know ~ I Know ~ Loopy knows what we want for New year present, a new track !! Loopy just release a new track on his soundcloud for everyone ~

Loopy I woke

Loopy i Know. This is the latest track on Loopy Soundcloud which released on new year day. Thank you for the New Year present Loopy !! The track is made by producer Ocean Beats and it really suit Loopy. Oh, it’s on soundcloud also so it’s free to everyone ~

Loopy I Know audio

This is Loopy vibes, he have a similar vibe when he perform on SMTM 777 with his songs ‘Save’ & ‘Robot Love’. It’s a chill track with lyrics that going deep into individual problems. So does in this track, here’s a snippet of the lyric of Loopy ‘I Know’

-“This place is pitch black
I come here again without you
Like a stray child
I Should Stpo
I can’t bear it anymore”

Loopy have been active since he become the runner up of SMTM 777. He works with Nafla on single ‘Woke Up Like This‘ & Movie OST. Loopy said in a press conference before that he intend to work on an duo album with Nafla that schedule to release in spring 2019. We honestly can’t wait !!

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