Finish Line Remix | With H1GHRMUSIC !!!

Jay Park recently release a new version of his track ‘Finish Line’ . This remix version feature his H1GHRMUSIC artist pH-1, Haon, Woodie Gochild, Avatar Darko & Sik-k !!

Finish Line Remix

Finish Line Remix. We love the original version ! But do we love the remix Version ?? At the first sight it look more promising because the new featuring artist already got lots of Chemistry together. Let’s hear it then ~

Finish Line remix feat pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Haon, Avatar Darko & Sik-k

pH-1 (0:33 -- 1:05) is the first featuring in the remix version !! He really show his diverse skill on this track, not just using his usual slow & Chill R&B types of beat. It’s been a while since i jumping around to pH-1 verse, since orange ??

Woodie Gochild (1;05 -- 1:50) This track was made for Woodie Gochild !!! Woodie is no stranger to this kind of beat so this should be his comfort zone.

Haon (2:11 -- 2:55) wow Just wow !! Didn’t expect this much fire from the H1GHRMUSIC Maknae.

Avatar Darko ( 3:09 -- 3:42) If this a snippet of Jay Park next mixtape, i really down !! H1GHRMUSIC western & korea artist have a really great chemistry, Avatar Darko verse didn’t feel left out even though the other rap using korea language.

Sik-k (4:03 -- 5:00 ) Does the beat just change ???? Sik-k is riding this beat really hard !! Chacha maloen did really great job remixing the already great track.

Original Finish line feat Superbee & Jvckiwai

So what do you think is better ? Is it the original one or the Remix version ??? I personally prefer the remix version as a whole but Jvcki wai Verse is still the best verse !! Just TMI, Finish Line is actually one of Nike Battleforce theme.

Jay park have been active recently. He already release Million & legacy last month, we can’t wait for Jay to release his mixtape, i hope it’s gonna be Soon!

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What do you think of Finish Line Remix with H1GHRMUSIC ?? Do you prefer this one or original one ?? Leave your comments below !!