Crush Zion T Reunion | The Timeline

The Most memorable moment of 2018. My followers on twitter agree on this, & it’s hard to deny because it’s one of the most touching moment of last year. Here’s the timeline of Crush Zion T breakup and eventual reunion for everyone who curious.

Crush and Zion T

Crush Zion T. This duo rules the music scene, not only for KRnB but also steal the attention of Nationwide audience. The duo has solidify themselves as an digital monster, every track they release always going high on the chart. Their fateful meeting, breakup, & reunion is really memorable.

How Crush meet Zion T

Crush the flop trainee. I know it’s sound ridiculous now but Crush was a trainee on several agency (even YG!) & keep being cut by different agencies. Crush last attempt as a hiphop duo with cheetah ‘Masterpiece’ is also a failure, he really hit the wall on 2012.

It change when he meet Zion T. Zion T was the rising star of Amoeba Culture back then. Crush is a fan of Zion T & he always wait in front of Zion T apartment when he had time.  One Day Crush finally able to meet Zion T, Crush gave Zion T his demo songs & Zion T likes it. Zion T ask Crush to featuring in one of his tracks ‘Two Melodies’


Two Melodies & VV:D

Two Melodies is THE track that let the world knows that Crush x Zion T is a great combination. This song unexpectedly rule the chart even against fierce competition (they not Digital monster yet back then). VV:D also form this year with Elo, Loco, GRAY, Crush & Zion T.


Just, Mainstream Success of Crush Zion T

‘Just’ solidify Crush & Zion T as one of the powerhouse on Korea music industry. They even promote the song on Music show (While winning some of the awards!). Music shows like Music Bank, Show Champion & So on. It’s usually not a place for R&B Singer, it’s a place reserved for idol yet Zion T & Crush popularity is over the roof back then.

Both of them already solidify themselves as a digital monster & successful solo artist. the tracks they release keep topping the charts on 2015 – 2016. They also one of the most popular duo, many people (including me) think they gonna continue the Success of Amoeba Culture Duo (Dynamic Duo & Supreme Team).



Zion T Departure from Amoeba Culture to The Black Label

Crush and Zion T

This is shocking. Really shocking…..

The Black Label is not a powerhouse agency back then (Yeah It’s under YG but there no big name artist there beside Teddy). The more surprising things is Crush is surprised by this departure. Crush never been contacted by Zion T of his departure to other agency which make Crush really sad (or even mad ?) . Crush delete all the pictures of him & Zion T on his Instagram account and close all communication to Zion T.

This breakup headline the year of 2016. The inseparable duo now walk on their own. They still as successful as ever as an solo artist. But we just lost something, something really big.



VV:D Hiatus, Zion T as a judge of SMTM 5

Not only Crush Zion T relationship that been severe. VV:D also going on indefinite hiatus as a crew because their two main pillar Crush & Zion T is not in a good terms.

Zion T come as a judge on SMTM 5 right after he decide to part ways with Amoeba Culture. He also joining with Kush, another producer of The Black Label. Zion T actually really miss Crush & VV:D , he even gave a slight hint when he perform on  SMTM 5 producer stage.


Crush Zion T reunion

After 2 years, we start to accept that Zion T & Crush is not meant to be together. They already achieve solo Success & seems to moving on to new things. Until Monster Concert happen.

On 24th of February 2018, something happen. both of them was scheduled in the same concert, i honestly didn’t expect them to meet but suddenly ……. The lights goes off & “naega ansseureowo boyeo” (‘Just’ intro) We all have a goosebumps. This can’t be right ?? this is not real right ?? When the light turn back on, we saw our favorite duo hug each other …

When this moment happen, my tears suddenly drops. It’s a tear of happiness.




Zion T Uh Huh + Sleep Talk

VV:D start to hang out together again (even if it’s just one member meet the other) recently. We hope the next thing we got is VV:D reunion (before Loco go to the army TT) & Zion T x Crush collaboration. I probably would shed tears again, another tears of happiness


This is the timeline Crush Zion T journey. It’s a roller coaster of emotion for me writing this. It’s also an important part of KrnB History.