Sean Charity works| Hiphop is not all about dissing and cussing

What is the negative opinion about hip hop culture ?? Bunch of people diss each other & Music full of cuss/swear swords comes to mind. It’s no different for Korea hiphop, but there’s one KHH Artist that defy this stigma. Sean of Jinusean.

Sean of JInusean

Sean Charity works. The 1st generation rapper debut more than 20 years ago on 1997 alongside Jinu (that’s why their duo is name Jinusean). They rose and start the golden age of Korea HIphop, where they own the charts & win tons of awards in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

The duo go in hiatus in peak of their popularity in 2004. Jinu is working behind the Scene for YG Entertainment while Sean finding his new passion, Charity.

Made in heaven bazaar project

Sean & wife Jung Hye-young is known as Charity couple. Their generosity knows no bound and they move other to join their campaign to help children in needs, not only in Korea but extend overseas to Africa & other 3rd world countries.


Ice Bucket Challenge

2018 have been a great year for Sean Charity. He re-start Ice Bucket Challenge in South Korea, where the donation is helping to build the first Lou gehrig Hospital there. Many artist join this challenge, not only KHH artist but also Actor & Idol alike.


Coal briquette in winter

Sean of JInusean

Winter is harsh, if you don’t have any heater. Sean is helping Coal Briquette for the one in needs in South korea. Despite their economic growth, there still places in South korea (Especially the countryside) where people is having a hard times in winter.

Sean already donate more than 30 thousand briquette to the one in needs. He also deliver them personally, especially to the elder ones. Numerous other celebrity is also moved to help this project, one of them is Amber of F(x)


I remember a phrase from Bizzy on SMTM 6 Cypher “Hiphop is not all about dissing & Cussing”. Sean of Jinusean is a living example of that, other is Dok2 who recently gave a diamond ring to his fan. There other numerous korea hip hop artist that were nice & care about others.


Sean charity King. Let’s break down the negative opinion of Korea Hiphop !! Let’s be nice to everyone on 2019 ~ We can’t let Sean hardwork go to waste !


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