Kassy comeback | ‘The Day Was beautiful’

Kassy comeback !! Former Unpretty Rapstar contestant Kassy is back with a new ballad track before the year ends. The day was beautiful, thanks to Kassy

Kassy Comeback

Kassy Comeback !! Do you remember Kassy from Unpretty Rapstar ?? She’s a singer now, a really great one of it. Kassy recently release a new track ‘The Day Was Beautiful’. It’s not exactly an R&B song, because it sounds like an ballad but (Forgive me for today) i really want to talk about Kassy and how talented she is.

The Day was Beautiful Live clip

Kassy voice is simply beautiful.  I even thought this song is another Drama OST when my playlist plays it on random.  The music in the live clip is a simple piano accompaniement, while the digital release use acoustic guitar strumming slowly, both version is win win for me.

Another Kassy track that i want to suggest is a spring medley ( Even though now is winter i know ..)

Kassy Spring medley

Many people still remember Kassy as a rapper because her stint on Unpretty Rapstar. She can rap alright but her singing voice is so much better, sometimes she reminds me of Heize because of the same circumstances. If you want to know more about Kassy you can follow her on Instagram : @Real_kassy & her agency Nextar youtube channel 



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What do you think of Kassy Comeback ?? Are you become a fan of her ?? Leave your comments below !!