George OST | Memories of The Alhambra Drama

TvN Drama memories of the Alhambra is really going all out for the OST. Last week we got Ailee, now we got George.

George OST

George OST for Memories of the Alhambra Drama. I’m actually surprised by the amount of review i did for this drama OST (Never expect that it gonna include so many hiphop/rnb Singer). I already review the 1st OST by Loco & U Seungeun, also the 3rd OST by Ailee. 

George sing ‘Memories of the alhambra’ yes the OST title have the same title as the Drama and personally it’s my favorite (So far because i can’t wait to see who gonna sing the next OST) !! George voice really sound soothing. I also love the acoustic guitar intro & piano accompaniment. I can talk about many things about this OST but it probably gonna be a spoiler for the Drama.


 ‘Memories of The Alhambra’ OST

This is not the first time George singing a Drama OST. He already did it this year with Gang Haein for JTBC Drama ‘My Id Is Gangnam Beauty’ earlier this year. The track was a hit and already reach 3 million views in Youtube.

‘My Id Gangnam Beauty’ OST with Gang Haein

Are you a fan of George now ?? George already release lots of great songs over the year, don’t forget to check his other songs out !! If you want to know more about George you can follow him on IG : @hellorabbit8 . He’s also a part of WYBH crew !!

Listen & purchase to George OST on Apple Music, Melon, Genie & Bugs


What do you think of George OST ?? Have you watch the drama yet ?? Leave your comments below !!