FR:EDEN Bin of Frieden | New EP before the year ends

FR:EDEN Is back !! The multi talented artist is here with a new EP Bin of Frieden. Ending 2018 with a bang !

FR:EDEN Bin on Frieden

FR:EDEN Bin of Frieden. He’s is back with a new EP !! FR:EDEN is an artist who’s not a singer nor a rapper (Don’t mistake him with EDEN from KQ entertainment). He’s an artist who really using trendy R&B beats as his music base while singing & rapping at the same time. He just debut on 2017 but already have lots of avid listener & loyal fans that like his style.

Bin of Frieden tracklist

  • Car
  • Anything You Want
  • Money Talks feay Leella Marz
  • Tonight
  • In My Room
  • All I Need is Love
  • I Don’t know what to do feat OD Rhomp

FR:EDEN release of live clip of him performing his title track Anything You want & Money Talk featuring Leella Marz. I personally really like anything you want because he show his talent in both singing & rapping without any breaks. He should join Breakers (if there another Season) or SMTM next year so people get to know him better.



Live Clip of Anything You want & Money Talks

If you still curious about him, you can check his soundcloud where he already release his single & EP : @frieden92 follow him on Instagram : @frieden_92



Listen & Purchase FR:EDEN Bin of Frieden on SpotifyMelon, Genie & Bugs


What do you think of FR:EDEN bin of Frieden ?? Are you become his fans ?? Or you already one of his fans ?? Leave your comments below !!