Dok2 and Fan | Gave Diamond Ring as token of Appreciation

We all know Dok2 with all his super cars, Gold watches & bling bling, but do you know that Dok2 is one of the nicest artist out there, he doesn’t mind sharing his success to the close ones, including to his fan.

Dok2 and fan

Dok2 and Fan. The Illionaire CEO gave a surprise present to a lucky fan few days ago on his Young King Young Boss Concert. It’s actually a platinum Diamond Ring !! What ??? Yes, Dok2 gave that to one fan as a gratitude of his success, he really thankful for the fans who have been there with him since beginning.


The ring that Dok2 gave to the fan is actually the first ring he made back in 2011. Dok2 gave it to a lucky ticket holder, he also reminds the fan to not to sell the item because it holds a sentimental value to Dok2, even bigger than the ring original value.

Dok2 Gave Diamond ring to a fan



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Dok2 also recently gave his manager a luxurious Car as a gift. He’s really generous to his close one.


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On the outside, people saw Dok2 as someone who really extravagant with his wealth But on the other side, he’s not a stingy person and will gladly use his wealth to help his close friends & people in needs. Recently he also pay off his parents past debts even though he’s not obligate to.

Dok2 didnt become successful all of sudden, he’s been working since he’s a kid and go through hard times. He’s one of the realest KHH artist out there ! Dok2 also gonna appear on MBC new hiphop Survival show ‘Kill Bill’ make sure to check it out later next year !!

Dok2 and fan interaction is always so cool ~ Respect !!

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