BradyStreet new EP | HE6RT TE6RS with 17 tracks

Rapper Bradystreet is back with a new EP  ‘HE6RT TE6RS’ !! Even though it’s an EP it have 17 tracks inside !! It feels like an full album instead ~


Bradystreet new EP !! Eh Who ?? Rapper Bradystreet is a really active newcomer in the scene. He officially debut with a mixtape ‘Cocaine Lullaby’ on September yet he already release So many songs including an EP ‘kawaiitrap!’ If you want to know more about him you can follow him on Instagram : @ilovebradystreet   & Soundcloud : @chincster

HE6RT TE6RS tracklist

  • Lotto feat Changmo
  • Mission
  • Iguana feat The Quiett
  • Heybrady feat Jvcki wai
  • Piped Up
  • Diamonds
  • Safari II
  • USPS feat PNSB
  • Hero!
  • FuFu feat BRYN
  • Just Dance
  • Bustdown
  • Zooted Up feat Leella Marz
  • Don’t Care feat LO VOLV & Zene The Zilla
  • Body
  • Nascar feat KRAMP
  • Farewell

It really have 17 tracks. He can release 2 album or 4 EP with this… Instead BradyStreet decide to give us the full package !! it also feature 8 artist.

BradyStreet release an MV ‘PIPED UP’ several days after he release the EP.  If i need to use a metaphor i gonna say PIPED UP is like going on a walk on a cold winter & suddenly the sun shine bright. I didn’t expect much from this track, but it’s actually really fun to listen to !

‘Piped Up’ MV

My personal favorite track is actually the track featuring Jvcki wai ‘Hey Brady!’ Its so much fun !!! Jvcki really shines on this kind of beat, I wonder if they already perform this together, it would be nice jamming to this live late night.

HeyBrady! Feat Jvcki Wai

BradyStreet is really active this year, he also feature in the Title Track of The Quiett album ‘Glow Forever’ . We look forward for more of your activities on 2019, only brighter things await !

Listen & purchase Bradystreet ‘HE6RT TE6RS’ EP on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Melon, Genie & Bugs.

What do you think of the EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? leave your comments below !!