UV Cypher 4 !! New Cypher before 2018 ended

Hiphoplaya UV Cypher !! The latest edition feature Geegooin, Yumdda, Uneducated kid & ZeneThezilla.

UV Cypher 4

UV Cypher 4 !! UV Cypher is just like a spoiler of future promising rapper in KHH industry. There already 3 episode before this and it features rapper that have quite established right now.

Here the list of previous rapper that join UV Cypher.

1st Season : NO:EL, Bryn , YoungB, H2adin
2nd Season : Woodie Gochild, Hash Swan, Sway D, Killagramz
3rd Season: Kid Milli, Swings, Bassagong, Justhis

The 4th season of UV Cypher feature
-- Geegooin of Rhythm Power
-- Yumdda
-- Uneducated Kid
-- Zene The ZIlla

The 4th edition of UV Cypher is produced by Laptopboy / Futuristic Swaver. He’s one of the rising rapper/producer/beatmaker that produce trend beats for lots of promising young rapper. If you curious about him you can follow his Instagram  @Yfgod

UV Cypher 4th Episode

Look who’s still rocking with his signature unique voice that we actually start missing. Geegooin and Rhythm Power really have a quiet year on 2018 Music wise, we hope next year Geegooin gonna be more active consider he join MBC new hiphop survival Show ‘Kill Bill’ with fellow Rhythm Power . Geegooin Verse : Start -- 1:20

Yumdda is really active this year, yet he’s still so underrated compared to other rapper. He have his own style that isn’t that popular to the general public on 2018. 20`19 should be a better year for Yumdda ! Yumdda verse : 1:21 -- 2:22

Uneducated Kid is one of the rising rapper late in 2018. He featured in several big name artist like Jay Park & The Quiett. He still have lots to improve, maybe joining SMTM next year should do the trick ?? Uneducated Kid Verse : 2:25 -- 3:28

Zene The Zilla, well he’s not doing much in this cypher (literally). One thing for sure, he’s one of the trendiest artist of 2018 after joining SMTM 777, even already release his own EP !! We hope you get as much Money (Don) as you’ve repeat on UV Cypher 4. Zene The ZIlla verse : 3:39 -- Ends

UV Cypher 4 add more to the list of KHH cypher in 2018. There’s have been many Cypher on 2018. Is this cypher gonna be included as one of your favorite ??

What do you think of UV Cypher 4???  What is your favorite UV Cypher episode ?? Leave your comments below !!