Ovan Happiness Live Clip | Always give me goosebumps

Ovan, one of the Romantic Factory rising star this year. One of the best track from Ovan this year is Happiness. The track have a really deep lyrics & instantly makes me tear up.

Ovan Happiness

Ovan Happiness. This track is one of the best track from Ovan in my opinion. Even though it didn’t goes in the chart as high as other track but this track have a really deep lyrics compared to others ovan Tracks.

Ovan Birthday : 2 december 1997

Ovan Happiness Live video

There’s a lyrics in Ovan this track that makes me tear up
“thank you for all the Convenience Store Lunch Box
Now let’s buy everything you wants to eat
I can buy this much now
The fried chicken you gave me before
I still remember the price 50 thousand won
I can afford it now i have lots of money “

Ovan really goes through lots of hardship before (Just a reminded he’s a 97 liner so he still so young ). He sing this song 1st time on his own solo concert and he can’t help but shed his tears (Me too honestly)

Ovan happiness sounds better when it performs in concert

Ovan is one of the new generation of Singer/rapper. He can sing as good as any singer, rap as good as any rapper, he’s just that talented. He’s also a part of Romantic Factory agency with Vinxen who also just release a new EP ‘Boycold 2’.


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