Changmo Mic Swagger 4 | Continue the legend

Changmo is back again on Mic Swagger !! On the latest episode from the latest Season of Mic Swagger, Changmo join again & continue his legendary Mic Swagger performance.

Changmo Mic Swagger 4

Changmo Mic Swagger 4. His performance on Mic Swagger is always memorable. Last time he come on Mic Swagger is on the 2nd Season from 2 years ago. Changmo is back again now with an improve & Upgraded version of himself!!

Changmo Mic Swagger 4 20th Episode

It’s Straight Fire !! The 1st rap is classic Changmo with his change of pace of rap using Playground beat by Cheno. The 2nd rap he sing a little bit (which become his signature in recent years) with Desire by Evol Beats. MC Olltii also have a great chemistry with Changmo,. This episode is one of my personval favorite from Mic Swagger Season 4.

Mic Swagger Season 2 20th episode.

This is when the legendary Deokso Freestyle is created. Once the new member of Ambition Musik is reaching greater heights thanks to this episode of Mic Swagger. one of the must see episode of Mic Swagger for Changmo & IllionaireAmbition fans.



Changmo been really active on 2018. Beside become SMTM 777 producer, he also recently release a new track with Superbee ‘Maserati & Porsche’. Oh! Also don’t forget to Follow Changmo on Instagram @Changmo_



What do you think of Changmo Mic Swagger 4 ?? Do you prefer this or Mic Swagger Season 2 ?? Leave your comment below !!