Vinxen Boycold 2 | New EP with producer Boycold

HEY BOY ITS COLD !! Vinxen make a new collaborative EP with Producer Boycold. We really excited because of what the two of them produce in the past.

Vinxen Boycold 2

Vinxen Boycold 2. The New EP by Vinxen is a collaboration with Yelowsmob producer Boycold !! The two of them already work together since School Rapper 2 days, Producer Boycold knows how to make Vinxen stand out,

Vinxen Boycold 2 Tracklist

  • DP
  • Stingray feat SIk-k
  • 36 pills
  • White lies
  • Acting feat Jung in

There’s 5 track inside. The title track (as you probably guess) is the one featuring Sik-k ‘Stingray’ !!  This is the first collaboration between Vinxen & Sik-k & we really curious how it gonna sounds like.

Stingray feat Sik-k Live Clip

Producer Boycold strongest suit is he didn’t make a flashy beats that outshine the artist. Sik-k hook also is so catchy. Vinxen lyrics as always have a deep meaning There’s a verse i really like in this track



“I deserve to be loved fvck
Even though i can’t love myself uh
This is my moment uh
Don’t push your standards towards Me uh”

Producer Boycold really knows Vinxen inside out. I never thought i gonna get another goosebumps listening to Vinxen track. It reminds me of their first collaboration in School Rapper 2 semifinal

‘Cause’ prod by Boycold HSR 2 Semifinal

Vinxen really working hard this year. He become one of the most promising young talent of 2018. Even invited on MAMA 2018 for the first time.


Listen & Purchase VInxen Boycold 2 EP on Melon, Bugs & Genie


What do you think of Vinxen new EP in collaboration with producer Boycold ?? Leave your comments below !!