Swings Upgrade 0 | Full Album produce by sAewoo

Swings is back !! This time with his new family WeDaPlugg Records. Different from Swings album before, Swings give all the music production to sAewoo, Lets see how Swings new family sounds like ~

Swings Upgrade 0

Swings Upgrade 0. Earlier this year Swings already release a full album ‘Upgrade III’. Before the year ends, SMTM 777 producer Swings decide to release another full abum with 13 tracks inside ! Swings is really active before the year ends, he just take a part on ‘Indigo’ remix also !

Swings Upgrade 0 Tracklist

  • Tumor
  • Basic feat Yunhway 
  • Yea yea feat Jhnovr
  • The winning Side feat Kid Milli
  • Self Talk
  • Round & Round
  • Nanana feat Han Yohan
  • Nothing Last Forever
  • Better Days
  • Like You 
  • Diamond 
  • Life
  • Thankyou World

13 tracks all produced by talented WeDaPlugg producer sAewoo (You can heard the signature sound on the beginning of each track). The Title track of this track is not the one with bigger names like Kid Milli & Han Yohan, it’s actually the 3rd track ‘Yea Yea’, ‘Diamond’ & ‘Thankyou world’.

‘Thank You World’ prod by sAewoo audio

I honestly not a big fan of Swings using auto tune & Stuff, he really have a great powerful that already being a signature him. But in this particular track, the auto tune make sense to convey the lyrics,

Here’s the lyric of ‘Thank You world hook by Swings’

“World, give me some more time
I wanna feel it one more time
World, yesterday was so beautiful
I wanna feel it one more time”



Swings still use his normal voice when he rap in this track which is a good thing. It’s still hard for me to accept new music style from Swings but hip hop is changing & so does Swings, to a better days.

Swings Bulldozer MV



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What do you think of Swings new album ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!