Giriboy 2018 Discography | Active is an understatement

G R BOY !! When we heard that sound we know it’s gonna be lit !! Giriboy produce, feature, sing, rap on more than 60 Songs. Just let that sink for a moment Sixty songs….. Active is not even the words to describe Giriboy 2018 productivity.

Giriboy 2018

Giriboy 2018 Discography

  1. OLNL feat GiriboyLittle Prince’
  2. Swings feat The Quiett, Giriboy, Kid Milli ‘Shit is Real’ 
  3. Giriboy feat Kid MilliNorthbutSouth’ (2 Songs )
  4. Giriboy ‘Method’ (2 Songs)
  5. Goretexx, Giriboy, Han Yohan ‘Sphere’
  6. Cosmicboy feat Kid Milli, OLNL & GiriboyIn All Direction’ 
  7. Donutman ‘feat Giriboy Science Love’ 
  8. Giriboy feat Thama ‘Empty House’ (3 Songs)
  9. Giriboy feat Woo Wonjae ‘Hurejasik’ (3 Songs)
  10. Giriboy ‘Parrot’ (3 Songs)
  11. Thama feat Giriboy ‘Like That’
  12. Mindspray feat Uglyduck, Giriboy, Kirin ‘Set Me Free
  13. NO:EL feat Giriboy & Han Yohan ‘Parrot’

  14. Dbo, Blacknut, Giriboy, Swings ‘Onehunnit’ (Just Music Series album)
  15. Giriboy, Han Yohan, SwingsWe Do Not’ (Just Music Series album)
  16. Choilb, Giriboy, Kid Milli, Kim Seung Min, OLNL ‘Taste’ (Just Music Series album)
  17. Giriboy ‘Log Out’ (Hightechnology album)
  18. Giriboy ‘Over Technology’ (Hightechnology album)
  19. Giriboy ‘Kid Milli Technology’ (Hightechnology album)
  20. Giriboy feat Kim Seungmin ‘Deep Sea of Outerspace’ (Hightechnology album)
  21. Giriboy ‘BBQ & Goobne’ (Hightechnology album)
  22. Giriboy feat Kim Seungmin ‘Old Clothes collection box’  (Hightechnology album)

  23. Giriboy feat Vinxen ‘Love Contract’ (Hightechnology album)
  24. Giriboy feat OLNL ‘High Qua La’ (Hightechnology album)
  25. Giriboy feat Crush & ChoilBPeace’ (Hightechnology album)
  26. Kim Sengmin feat Thama & Giriboy ‘Island’ 
  27. Swings, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Giriboy ‘FLEX’
  28. Han Yohan feat Justhis, Changmo & Giriboy ‘Mood Maker’
  29. Giriboy feat Swings & YoungB ‘Login’ (High Technology 3 Songs)
  30. Giriboy feat ChoilB & Justhis ‘TheBurden’  (High Technology 3 Songs)
  31. Giriboy feat Kid Milli ‘Used’  (High Technology 3 Songs)
  32. Giriboy ‘Keyboard’ (Science Fiction Music)
  33. Giriboy feat YumddaKiss’ (Science Fiction Music)
  34. Giriboy ’’ (Science Fiction Music)
  35. Giriboy ‘Hooksong’ (Science Fiction Music)
  36. Giriboy feat Bewhy & The Quiett ‘Sky Blue’ (Science Fiction Music)
  37. Giriboy feat GoretexxAcrnm‘ (Science Fiction Music)
  38. Giriboy feat Justhis & Swings ‘Vr’ (Science Fiction Music)
  39. Giriboy ‘Www’ (Science Fiction Music)
  40. YunB, Odee, Nafla & OLNL feat Giriboy ‘Science & Technology’ (SMTM 777 Team Mission)
  41. Nafla ‘Bite’ prod by Giriboy (SMTM 777 Top 12)
  42. OLNL feat Giriboy ‘Breaking bad’ (SMTM 777 Top 12)
  43. Odee feat Swings ‘Airplane Mode’ prod by Giriboy  (SMTM 777 Top 12)
  44. OLNL feat Seo Samuel ‘I’ prod by Giriboy (Smtm 777 Semifinal)
  45. Nafla feat Gaeko & GiriboySunbbang‘ (SMTM 777 Semifinal)
  46. Nafla feat Giriboy & Swings ‘Pick up Man’ (SMTM 777 Final)
  47. Nafla feat Zico ‘Buckle’ prod by Giriboy (SMTM 777 Final)
  48. OLNL ‘5871’prod by Giriboy
  49. OLNL feat Giriboy ‘Fake Emotion’
  50. Kid Milli feat GiriboyOutro’
  51. Giriboy feat Thama ‘Attention Seeker’ (Science Fiction Music : End)
  52. Giriboy feat Paloalto Crack on My Screen’ (Science Fiction Music : End)
  53. Giriboy feat Han Yohan, Mommy Son & Kim Seungmin ‘Bumper Car Remix’ (Science Fiction Music : End)
  54. GRAY & 50 rappers (Include Giriboy) ‘119 Remix’ 
  55. Giriboy, Swings, The Quiett & Mommy Son ‘Indigo Remix’
  56. Giriboy feat OLNL ‘Sorry’
  57. Giriboy ‘All Day’ (remake Band Version)
  58. Giriboy 2000/90′ (Remake Band Version)
  59. Giriboy ‘Let’s drink’ (Jiwoo Cover)
  60. Giriboy feat Kid Milli , ChoilB, Kim Seungmin & Hayake ‘vv 2’

As you can see there’s more than 50 Track by Giriboy in 2018. He really working hard, especially on the second half of this year !! I sometimes wonder how he even make times between recording, SMTM 777 producer, TV shooting, Concerts & producing for other artist. This is one of the reason  why we Love Giriboy.


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Giriboy 2018 Discography, What is your favorite Track ?? Leave your comments below !!