Dindin is Dindin | Dindin the Musician is back !!

We know DIndin as one of the funniest entertainer out there. Don’t forget that he’s also a rapper ! Dindin just release a new track to remind everyone he’s a rapper even though he appear on TV 24/7

Dindin is Dindin

DIndin is Dindin. Let’s forget about Dindin the entertainer for a while because the musician is great !! The new track of is featureing Hanhae & Greg Priester. His close friend is helping creating great music that really well thought.

When the teaser release, i was wondering what kind of track is gonna be. There’s Greg singing a verse that sounds good yet kinda silly in the teaser, Tt sound like a gospel songs you heard in a church, i was wondering if he going the Mommy Son way (Being comedic and such).



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The song is good !! The Music is not as silly as the title is. I was expecting a silly fun song consider it’s Dindin & the title is not exactly promising (sounds like something Kim Junho gonna release as a song). It’s actually a well thought song that incorporate Jazz, Soul & Rnb into the music. Hanhae & Greg also not playing around & give their best (not Like how the teaser looks)

Dindin is Dindin MV

The MV is still fun & have a hint of Comedy ( A lot actually). But don’t distract you that tis track is really well made. He have that simple dance also in the hook which should be popular if he decide to promote it on Music shows. The track actually gonna sounds good especially if Greg coming also !



He’sactually quite active as a musician on 2018. Here’s one of his latest track ‘Insomnia’ with his best friend Lee Hongki of FT Island. There’s also several more track by him so i suggest to check it out !!

Insomnia feat Lee Hongki MV

People mostly know him from TV, we can’t deny that he’s one of the funniest entertainer in TV, but often forget that he’s a good rapper & musician also !!

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What do you think of Dindin is dindin ?? Do you think he still a good musician & rapper ? Leave your comments below !!