Somdef Wait feat pH-1 | Christmas Present from the Producer

Producer Somdef release a new track in Christmas !!! The track feature pH-1. We’ve been waiting for wait & it’s not disappoint !

Somdef Wait

Somdef Wait. Producer Somdef always produce great track that suit the artist it features. He already have great track with Loco & Crush earlier this year. Before the year ends, Somdef release a new track feature pH-1 as a Christmas present.

It really feels like pH-1 own track, which is not bad thing consider of what pH-1 been releasing recently. It’s not really a Christmas carol but i’m pretty sure the music in the track ‘wait’ can be recycle as a Christmas Carol (the Music is so good we hope he release it again next Christmas with other artist!).

Wait feat pH-1 MV

The MV is a simple yet it’s so nice to look at. There’s already an English translation lyrics also provided, it’s really the perfect christmas present for us global fans. Just in case you wondering who is the guy in the MV, it’s actually Producer Somdef ! Now you know how he looks like.

This is another track i suggest from Producer Somdef . try give it a listen !



‘Slip n Slide’ feat Crush on Dingo Freestyle

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Listen & Purchase Somdef Wait feat pH-1 onĀ  Melon, Genie & Bugs

What do you think of Producer Somdef wait ?? Enjoy & Merry Christmas !!