OLNL WeWantOurMoneyBack | Full track from Mic Swagger

OLNL release a not so new track WeWantOurMoneyBack . If you mistaken it with Giriboy one it’s actually okay because the track actually origin from that one. Are you curious now ??

OLNL Wewantourmoneyback

OLNL Wewantourmoneyback. OLNL actually already perform this track many times when he perform this with Giriboy/Kid Milli in concert or events. He have his own verse on Giriboy ‘Wewantourmoneyback (even though it’s not on the official release).

This new version is produced by Sec Paul (Which as you realized have different beats than Giriboy one). It features his WYBH friends ChoilB & Kim Seungmin. He perform this version on the latest episode of Mic Swagger Season 14 latest episode (19th Episode)

Mic Swagger 4 19th episode (2:45 Minute)

For general hip hop audience, this is probably the first time we heard OLNL perform this track. OLNL show he’s not just autotune sing-rap but show he can rap as fierce as anyone !! MC Olltii rap is also in sync with OLNL, they should collaborate again on Official track.



Wewantourmoneyback Soundcloud Version prod by Sec Paul feat ChoilB & Kim Seungmin

This is the latest one, it features his WYBH friends ChoilB & Kim Seungmin. I honestly think the beat suit OLNL type of voice more than the original one, Don’t forget to check out his fellow WYBH ChoilB & Kim Seungmin, they also lit~ What do you think ?? Do you prefer this one or original one ??


Wewantourmoneyback Giriboy Version (OLNL rap on 1:04)

OLNL already perfrom this from early this year, if you listen closely, it have the same lyrics but OLNL rapping to the original beat produced by Lemac.


Make sure to Follow OLNL on Instagram :@Hiolnl & Agency @Stoneship_ . OLNL is really rising high this year, his style of singrap & personality charms a lot of people on SMTM 777.


What do you think of OLNL Wewantourmoneyback ?? Do you prefer this one or original one ?? Leave your comments below !!