Loco 2018 Discography | Working hard before going to the army

Loco 2018, the best year for Loco ?? You can said that because Loco is one of the most active musician in the industry. He really work hard before he say goodbye next year 🙁

Loco 2018

Loco 2018 Discography

  1. Sik-k feat Loco ‘Never know’
  2. Goosebumps feat Loco ‘Yeo’
  3. Loco feat Jay park ‘Post it’
  4. Yeesang feat LocoHere’
  5. Woogie feat Loco & Hwang Sooyun ‘Girl’
  6. Infinite Flow feat Verbal Jint, MC Meta & LocoOpening Ceremony’
  7. Simon Dominic, Loco, Jay Park & Gray ‘Upside Down’
  8. Coogie feat Nafla, Loco & Kid Milli ‘Suzuran’
  9. Loco feat HwasaDon’t give it to me’
  10. Kim Jong Kook, UV, Loco, Gray, &  Hwang Chi yeol    Im Not afraid’ For MNET The Call
  11. Loco, Gray, Eddy Kim,& Suran   ‘Some More’ for MNET The Call
  12. Takeone  feat. Double K, MC Sniper, MC Meta, Naachal, Loco, Taylor, Cheska, HYST ‘돈’
  13. Somdef feat Loco & Bravo ‘One Plus One
  14. Code Kunst  feat Loco & Wonjae ‘Bless’
  15. Baekhyun of EXO & Loco ‘Young’
  16. DJ Wegun feat Loco & OLNL ‘Sidewalks’
  17. Loco & Wonjae ‘Balance’
  18. Loco feat Colde ‘It Takes Time’
  19. Loopy feat Loco ‘V’ SMTM 777 Final
  20. Loco & Gray ‘Late Night’
  21. 51 rappers including Loco ‘119’  Gray Remix
  22. Loco & Yoo Seung Un ‘Little Prince’ for Memories of the Alhambra OST

Loco really have a great year on 2018.  Some of his songs top the chart !! Beside his music, Loco also really active on TV, starring as permanent cast on several variety show this year. Make sure to follow Loco on Instagram : @Satgotloco


What do you think of Loco 2018 music ?? What is your favorite track ?? Leave your comments below !!