MIA Movie Screen EP | Official Debut after Breakers

MIA debut !! Who ?? You probably remember her as one of the contestant of MNET ‘Breakers’ She debut with an EP with 5 tracks inside, Curious ?? Check it out ~

MIA movie Screen

MIA Movie Screen EP. Studio Blu suddenly announce few week ago that they sign MIA as their artist & she gonna debut soon ! I Honestly excited because Studio Blu have been working with great singer like Heize & Davii.

MIA Movie Screen tracklist

  • Loveless
  • Blind (title)
  • 잘 지내
  • Oh Ah feat Sammy
  • 비행기

There’s only 5 track inside, If you listen to the whole EP, you probably gonna feel a dejavu because 3 of the track is actually already perform in MNET Variety show about Singer-Songwriter ‘Breakers’ that air earlier this year.

The title track of ‘Movie Screen’ EP is ‘Blind’. She perform  this track on the 2nd round of Breakers where the Theme is driving music. MIA really exceed the expectation when he beat more established contestant 20yearsOfAge who feature Sungha Jung.

‘Blind’ Live version

This is the track that make me fall in love with MIA music. It’s a gloomy song yet it’s really soothing, MIA perform this on ‘Breakers’ long time ago yet i still have this track in my playlist more than 6 month after. Just listen to the track and you will understand ~

‘Loveless’ on Breakers

I was expecting 25 train feat Nafla to be included in the track. But when i think about it, MIA should remake the song and release it as a single later. I guarantee it’s gonna be a hit considering Nafla is one of the most popular rapper right now after his journey on SMTM 777

Mia did a cover also of Stevie Wonder ‘Lately’. It’s also an ASMR Cover !! Which i honestly think really suit MIA soothing voice that just like a whisper.

Listen & Purchase MIA Movie Screen EP on Melon, Bugs & Genie Music


What do you think of MIA Movie Screen EP ?? What track is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!