MBA A Single Album | There’s more than just EK

MBA release a new single Album A. The hiphop/dance Crew Most Badass asian release a new single album A. Let’s check if it’s really a badass.



MBA A Single Album. Few weeks a go, the crew release a new single album called A. It have 2 tracks inside with EK, BOLA & Neal. You probably knows EK from his stint on SMTM 777, but the other two is as talented ask EK. You can follow them on : @M.B.A_bola & @M.B.A_Neal

MBA A Tracklist

  • Moori
  • Chriching

Both of the track perform by 3 of them : EK , Bola & Neal, both also produced by Neal. The rest MBA Crew (dancer) is also featuring in the MV

The track that they release as a MV is ‘Moori’. The track tell a story of how they rising to the Scene, wherever they goes, money follow. It’s teally true, MBA debut early last year and already gaining lots of support this year. The MV also so cool because it feature lots of their group moves. i’m not really into dance & hiphop together before but i probably have a take a like to their Crew dance.

‘Moori’ MV

MBA Crew is here to stay, they one of the most active group that perform on Events. I’m happy they keep releasing new single & promoting, not only as a group but with their solo as well. as an example EK is recently is featured in Utada hikaru ‘Too Proud’ Remix.


Next Badass Trap EP Teaser


In the End of the ‘Moori’ MV they also give a teaser that Most Baddass Asian gonna release their 1st EP on 20th of December 2018. We honestly can’t wait for the EP to release but let’s be patient and wait for 1 more week.


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