Woogie Welcome To Seoul . New Single by Woogie on & on ~

Woogie On & ON , H1GHRMUSIC Producer Woogie release new single !! It features his H1GHRMUSIC/AOMG friends Uglyduck, pH-1 & Jay Park.

Woogie Welcome to Seoul

Woogie Welcome To Seoul is a new single that actually a pre released track for Woogie new EP ‘Rewind My Tape part 2’ that gonna be released later on 16th of December 2018.

Woogie new track ‘Welcome To Seoul’ is featured Uglyduck, pH-1 & Jay Park. The track start with Uglyduck who bring an old 2000’s vibes that really suit the beat. When the acoustic guitar strum coming it start become something different. I really like how the hook use a guitar sounds as accompaniment.

Woogie Welcome to Seoul AUdio

pH-1 & Jay Park really show his skill without the music overshadow them. Woogie is really great on making a beat that make the artist shine, just like what Loco said on ‘Hyenas on the Keyboard’. No wonder he just won an Awards on Melon Music Awards 2018.



If this just a snippet of what to come, i can’t wait for the full EP later !! I always admire how Woogie always have his own style of music even though other Musician were using more & more electronic & trap sounds in their music. It’s really fresh to see rapper rhyme in other kinds of beat like this one, an fusion of what i assume an old school blues + indie britpop sounds.

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What do you think Of producer Woogie new track ?? Remember that It’s just a snippet of his new EP ~ Leave your comments below !!