Brand New Music San E | Cut Ties , Mutually agree to end

Brand New Music decide to cut ties with San E. San E been a center of controversy in the past few months, today both parties agree that it’s for the best to go with their own ways.

Brand New Music San E

Brand New Music San E decide to go on their own separate ways. San E already said few weeks ago that he’s Brand New Music 2018 concert is his last BNM concert, while BNM official already confirm that San E contract is expiring soon.

We already see it coming. But, we don’t know when San E contracts actually expires. Brand New Music decide to end the contracts of SanĀ  E today after having a deep conversation with San E.


San E Track ‘feminist’ that spark ongoing controversies

San E have been a center of controversy in South korea since he release a song ‘Feminist’ which spark an outrage by lots of netizen & Citizen alike. The track also got response from fellow rapper Jerry K & Sleeq who disagree with San E point of view.

The point of breakdown is when he did something inappropriate when performing on Brand New Concert 2018. The issue become one of the most talk issue this week. Brand New Music already release several official apology regarding San E action in Brand New Music concert 2018.

BNM official apology regarding the controversy on Brand New Music concert 2018

Brand New Music San E

Today the agency decide to ends San E exclusive contracts .

Here’s the official statement :

“Brand New Music decide to end San E exclusive contracts
both parties (BNM & San E ) have a deep conversation and mutually agree to ends the contract.
The Two sides decide to support each other activities in the future”

San E is now a free agent, he have scheduled TV Appearance on MBC new hip hop survival show ‘Kill Bill’. There still no information about San E appearance in that program so we assume he still gonna be one of the cast. This add more to the list of rapper that part ways with their agency on 2018.


We hope Brand New Music can moving forward to a better direction in the future.



What do you think of Brand New Music San E Cutting ties ?? Is this the best for both of them ? Leave your comment below