School Rapper 3 !!! Are you ready for the New Generation ??

Today, MNET announce the new season of School Rapper. School rapper 3 !!! We always excited when this show come, it means we gonna see more young talented rapper !!

School Rapper 3


School Rapper 3 is coming !! The New season of School rapper finally here, it feels like it’s just yesterday when we witness the boys of School Rapper 2 take the Korea hiphop scene by storm & topping korea music charts.

MNET actually already announce the new School Rapper 3 season is coming on the last episode of Show Me The Money, SMTM 777 Finals. We honestly excited back then but we never expect it to be this early !!!

School Rapper 3 Official poster

School Rapper 3

MNET announce in the teaser video that the new season is ready, they give a snippet of the last School Rapper top 3 tracks (Haon, Webster B & Vinxen) while ask if there’s any school students who ready to follow their footsteps.

1st teaserĀ 

HSR 3 gonna hold their online audition first. The online audition starts from 11th of December 2018 to 31st of December 2018, MNET staff & School Rapper 3 mentor gonna choose who gonna pass from the online audition like previous episode.

Participant age on School Rapper 3 is from 2000 Liner to 2003 liner, it can also be a high school freshman/1st year students. You can check their official website for more details

School rapper 3

There’s no official airtime yet from MNET, but usually the show air 1-2 months after the online audition so it probably gonna be on February which is the same airtime as MBC new survival show ‘Kill Bill’.


School Rapper 1 & 2 is so successful, especially the latter one where the rapper already become a big name & join their new family. We have high expectation for this season, as long as MNET follow the same recipe : Friendship over drama.

What do you think of the new season of School Rapper ??? Leave your comments below !!

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