Hong Jin Young Seoul | Featuring BRAY of All I Know Music

The trot queen is back !! Now we don’t usually cover trot songs but this is an exception because there’s BRAY from All I Know music featured in it.

Hong Jin Young

Hong Jin young new track Seoul is a unique collaboration of Trot & Hiphop. This is not the collaboration that you expect. Hon Jin Young is a ballad trot queen in this track, it reminds me of old 2000’s Leessang track where rapper is a must on every song, including ballad & trot songs.


Hong Jin young ‘Seoul‘ feat BRAY MV

BRAY rap can be heard on 0:37 & 1:40. I didn’t really expect much from a rapper rapping in a trot music beats. But the music incorporate some R&B element into it so it sounds natural for both of them.

There’s not much of rapper x Trot musician collaboration, the last time i heard the collaboration is actually when YDG come to ‘Hyena of the Keyboard’. He tried a Trot x EDM x Hiphop collaboration. This is actually a good collaboration we hope we got more of Trot x Rapper or hiphop x Trot collaboration in the future.

BRAY is not that much active this year, but he appear on All I Know Music 2018 Cypher & also make an audition video for SMTM 777. Bray is really talented so i hope this featuring is just a start of what to come from him !!

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