Cypher 2018 of Korea Hiphop. WE BRING MORE FIRE !!

Cypher 2018 in Korea hiphop, Did you know that there’s more than 10 cypher this year ?? These talented rapper gonna show you all their got !!

Cypher 2018

Cypher 2018. 2018 have been a good year for Korea hiphop, including it’s cypher. Cypher is a big part of hiphop culture. Rappers is trying their skills on the same beat is always a joy, this is their show time, time when they show their skills & talent without any restrain.

School Rapper 2 cypher

School rapper 2 produce tons of young talent, it’s all begin in the first cypher. We got to know new talent like Yoon Jinyoung (now known as Ash Island), Sandy, Vinxen, Haon & many more in this cypher ! They were really make a good impression since the first episode.

The cypher also a show of improvement for the School rapper returnee like h2adin, Chin Chilla & Bully da bastard, those talented kids doesnt waste any time showing their talent.

Those talented School Rapper already have their own family now ~


New Champ Cypher

Okay this is not officially a chyper, but the amount of rapper involved tempt me to put it in the track. New champ track ‘Bastards’ have 8 rapper inside. They rapping in a dope track that’s a part of New Champ album Mutant Excuse.

Artist participating in this track

  • Basick
  • San E
  • Boi B
  • New Champ
  • Chillin Ovatime
  • Deepflow
  • Microdot
  • Takeone

UV 3 Cypher

This is not technically in 2018 but it set the tone of 2018 hiphop scene. This cypher mark the rise of Indigo Music and also the start of iconic diss battle between Justhis vs VMC.

In the end of the year all that participated in the cypher already achieve their success. Swings become SMTM 777 producer, Justhis already make peace with VMC, Kid Milli become the finalist of SMTM 777 & Bassagong is successful on his own ways.

SMTM 777 Cypher

The annual SMTM Cypher !!! SMTM 777 producers is having a high expectation on them considering how successful the last season (SMTM 6) Cypher is. Giriboy, Swings, Paloalto, The Quiett, Changmo, Deepflow & Nucksal is really show why they is chosen as SMTM 777 Producer. (Thank you cokun for making the beats :D)

As always SMTM 777 Cypher mark the starts of another Season of SHOW ME THE MONEY !!! It gonna become a long journey a friendship between the producer & contestant. They actually already gave a spoiler how this year SMTM theme is, when the producer do the cypher in front of all the contestant.

Nuol Finder Cypher

This gonna be the longest Cypher in this list.29 minutes long. Nuol is the one who own/found Mic Swagger, this year he make a cypher with 13 rappers, it’s not only a short cypher because the rapper participating is given a full 2 minutes to rap.

Rapper that participate in Nuol Finder cypher

  • Basick
  • Kid Milli
  • NO:EL
  • Hash Swan
  • Huckleberry P
  • DJ Tiz
  • Snacky Chan
  • Coogie
  • Olltii
  • Kebee
  • ODEE
  • Nuttyverse
  • Justhis

What do you think of 2018 Cypher so far?? There still a lot more in the Next Page !!