Nafla and Loopy Friendship | Nafla Gave car to loopy

Friendship above everything. Nafla & Loopy show that their friendship worth much more than money. Check out why ~

Nafla and Loopy

Nafla and loopy show that Korea hiphop artist is not only about dissing & cussing. In an episode of Dingo freestyle, Nafla prepare a present for his hyung Loopy. It’s actually his SMTM 777 prize !!! A car worth more than 25 million won.

watch Nafla & loopy on Dingo freestyle full episode

Nafla prepare a candid camera for Loopy, Nafla had planned to give the car to Loopy hyung but he gonna pretend he gonna sells it.

After a while, Nafla Surprise Loopy by giving the Car keys to him. “it’s Yours~”

Loopy is shocked & can’t believe Nafla gives the car to him

Nafla and Loopy friendship on SMTM 777

Their friendship goes way back. But we doesn’t know much because they didn’t got much public exposure back then. We glad both of them decide to Join SMTM 777 & we can learn more about them. It doesnt really matter who actually win/lose on SMTM 777, because for us both of them is the winner !!

The two of them really talented, it’s never too late to stan Nafla & Loopy . Let’s get to know them more as we keeping track & support their future activities !!


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